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Hi there! We’re Lauren and Alex, the creators behind Blue Lobster Tales. And we’re here to bring history to life! Blue Lobster, our sailboat and namesake, is how we will explore long-forgotten people, places and things. And we’ll bring you this history in creative ways – filming every step of the way. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academics and fast history, so that you, the public, can engage in accessible, in-depth, analytical history. Over the next few years, we will sail Atlantic Canada (learning along the way), exploring this region through the lens of the Age of Sail, a period very much neglected. Visit our Projects page to learn more about what we are up to next! And come along for the ride!

Growing up next to the ocean, my whole life I’ve been interested in history and archaeology, especially along our coastlines. This fascination led to a Master of Arts in anthropological archaeology and has more recently fed my curiosity of coastal history, particularly in the face of climate change.

I'm Lauren

I'm alex

I’ve always wanted to be an explorer – Who doesn’t? Combining my interests of filmmaking and researching, with sailing/adventuring is a dream come true. My desire to understand the political-economic contexts that influenced naval action in the past is rooted in my academic background (Master of Arts in political science) and years of experience within a military environment.


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