This isn’t actually our first sailboat. We started on a much smaller, Matilda 20. It was the boat that sparked our interest and gave us just enough confidence to find another. It wasn’t long before we began thinking about combining sailing with the research and filming, we were doing. Dreaming of telling stories and histories on shores farther from home. And considering the importance of waterways and coast lines to the understanding of history and development of society, and its increasing importance in the face of climate change and coastal erosion, we knew that sailing would be the perfect fit to explore these themes. We had a plan.

So, Blue Lobster is our 1985 Caliber 33 sailboat that will feature heavily in our adventures. And while it is neither blue nor a lobster, its namesake does suit our flare for the silly side of things. But besides this, blue lobsters are out of the ordinary, and we like that about them, as we like to do things a little differently and see a mixture of public engagement in history and sailing adventures as a quirky mix.

On the specs side of things, Blue Lobster has a well-balanced keel (between full and fin, designed for performance and cruising), a well protected skeg/rudder that is optimally placed slightly higher than the keel for added protection and a beautiful interior designed for 2 people to comfortably live aboard for longer periods of time. With a fully enclosed guest room and a dual-access bathroom, and plenty of storage, the bones are perfect for our next adventures.

Blue Lobster is full of character and destined to be quite the workhorse. Already over 30 years old, we plan to take her on adventures as far as our dreams will take us. But before we can do that, we have quite a bit of work to do first! Of course, modifications will be made that will improve Blue Lobster’s ability to support our upcoming research expeditions, which will include increased battery and electrical capacity. And, as we continue learning to sail, while researching and filming, we will add new gear. But, once this is all done, Blue Lobster will be in great shape to start our adventure together.

Stay tuned here and in our films for the latest updates and projects to get Blue Lobster ready for our upcoming research expeditions.

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