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Video Gear

Canon EOS R – It is the newest major addition to our video kit. We needed the upgraded capabilities that this camera offers (low light performance, 4K, etc.) and use it alongside the Canon RF 35mm lens. We’ve had the Canon 6D for years, but it is really strictly a photo camera, so the EOS R was the camera we chose for film making. We will report back as we use it throughout our projects!

Canon M50 – We did much of our early filming with the Canon M50, supplemented with the Canon 6D. We love this little camera. It is super easy to tote around and we have even dropped it a couple times and it doesn’t have a single scratch on it. We will keep using it as our back-up camera, alongside the Canon EFM 22mm lens. We’ve consistently been surprised by the quality that comes out of small but mighty camera.

GoPro Hero 7 – This is our newer GoPro. It is really solid, as the GoPro brand has proven to be. The footage is consistently impressive and we love how versatile it is. We still have our old GoPro Hero 3, and while it is obviously a really old GoPro at this point, it is super reliable and the footage that comes out of it is really not bad. We mostly use it for experimental shots, where we think it could get damaged or broken.

Osmo Action – This is currently our favourite action camera. We love its controls and the front screen. And, in many ways, we actually prefer the footage that comes out of this camera to what comes out of the GoPro Hero 7.

DJI Mavic Mini – We. Love. This. Drone. We have had excellent customer service with DJI. We have dropped it into a river and flown it into a tree and it still works like new. We love how compact it is and find it incredibly responsive for such a small drone. We like to keep our kit as small as possible and this really is the ticket.

Zhiyun Weebil SThis took some practice to learn to use. It is our camera gimble for when we are shooting video. We use it in all of our new videos and find it does the trick. It isn’t perfect, but it is the right price and compact. 

Photo Gear

Canon 6D – This is our primary photography camera. It has been a tough beast of a camera that has come with us on most of our travels. Alex loves its simplicity. It is built like a brick and produces consistent, quality photos. The Canon EF 50mm and Canon EF 17-40mm are Alex’s most used lenses with this camera.

Photo & Video Gear

Aputure MC RGBWW – This is a great little portable light that can be used as a camera attachment or as general lighting. It has a ton of really handy settings on it and it is very compact.

GVM Slider – We are still learning how to best use this slider, but have used it in videos and some timelapses. It is nice and portable, but does take a little practice to use it properly.

Studio Gear

Blue Yeti – This is our primary voice over microphone. It always surprises us how well it works. And it is really, quite affordable! We’ve added some little accessories to it, like a mic stand to raise it higher and a foam windscreen cover. These have helped improve our experience with it and we would definitely recommend it as a starter mic!

Neewer LED Lighting Kit – This is a pretty straightforward lighting kit. We love the flexibility of the lights, that you can plug them into an outlet or charge them and use them without electricity! We have no complaints!

Sailing Gear

Navigator LP 270BKThis is our inflatable tender. We just purchased it for this season (2022), so we will be able to give more information as we become more familiar with it. We have had a great experience with this company and have great hopes for where this boat will take us and how it will enable our research and exploration.

Off Grid Gear

BlackFire 500 –  We love this small, but mighty little battery bank. It charges quickly, it is reliable and it can power a surprising amount of things at once! We’ve even used one of our tiny space heaters with it, with great success! But mostly, this is something we use to charge our cameras, drones, laptops and phones when we are on the road!

Field Sound Gear

Zoom H1NThis is our field microphone for isolating specific sounds. Lauren has gotten into field recording and loves to catch different sounds when we are out and about. This was the perfect mic to introduce her to this field. It is compact and is excellent quality! And it is great to fill in background sounds in our videos.

Rode Wireless Go II – These are our primary lavalier microphones. We love how easy they are to use, the quality that comes out of them and their battery life. We can do an entire day of filming and still have battery to spare. We also love that there is a backup recording feature. We would get them again in a heartbeat.

Rode Video Micro – We definitely have a love relationship with Rode. This is our primary, on-camera microphone. It is great for getting a quick line or getting background sounds when filming. We don’t like to use it much when we are talking/filming outside, because the mic doesn’t excel in those situations, but it serves a specific purpose. We do use it less now that we have the Zoom H1N, though.

PowerDeWise Lavaliers – These are definitely not the best lavaliers out there, but they are affordable and do their job. We use them with the Rode Wireless Go II or with our cellphones, depending on the circumstances. And they always pull through. The quality is good and eventually we will upgrade, but for now, they do all we need from them.

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