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Our Own Age of Sail!

This project will take up a good chunk of this summer (2022), as we do a deep dive into the nitty gritty aspects of life on-board wooden sailing vessels during the Age of Sail. This will include flashbacks of the complex workings of a ship during this period, all while comparing with our own boat’s inner workings and our haphazard approach to learning the ropes! Our goal is to find out as much as possible about this fascinating period, all while sharing what we come across along the way. A behind-the-scenes of the research for some of our larger projects that we’re working on.

Plus, who doesn’t want to learn about life on board a historic ship?  

Visualization of Naval Warfare Tactics.

This image depicts the advantages and disadvantages of a ship’s position in relation to the wind.

Some Research Topics 


Boarding Actions


Small Craft


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Visualization of a Boarding Action in Progress.

For Money & Country: Smuggling and Profiteering in a Contested Space 1713-1758

Thanks for checking out our first major research project onboard Blue Lobster, our sailboat, and our home away from home! 


For this project, we’re researching and exploring the waters surrounding Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, by land and sea, stopping at islands, towns and heritage sites across the region, while endeavoring to understand the unique role the region and its inhabitants played in 18th century inter-colonial smuggling. We will uncover people and places intricately woven into a battle between money and country and between survival and profit. Who were these people and how did they interact in a place that was truly contested, economically and militarily? Who won and who lost? This history-driven journey will include the adventure of learning to sail, plotting and navigating to new shores, and equipping ourselves and the boat for our first research sailing expedition. 


Stay tuned and follow along with this project as we publish a behind-the-scenes blog and vlog series, as well as, of course, a book detailing our findings!

Endangered Coastal Cultural Heritage

While we explore these Age of Sail histories in and around the Bras D’Or Lake, we will also examine how climate change is affecting coastal cultural heritage. We’ll learn about sites being lost and/or affected and find out how we can make a difference. A big part of this project will revolve around the documentation of sites more widely, that otherwise might be lost to common knowledge. 

Recent Reads

 Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, 
if you choose to purchase an item, we may get a small commission.

This will be a major theme throughout our projects. 

For Money & Country helps us dig into what motivated individuals and groups throughout time and how money and their sense of place (and loyalty) impacted history. Spoiler – you can probably guess how relevant this is!
If you are interested in this theme, read our For Money & Country blogs, watch our videos and buy our book – For Money & Country: Speculation, Profiteering and the Rideau Canal (linked below)!



For Money & Country




Previous Projects

For Money & Country: Speculation, Profiteering and the Rideau Canal

Fort Wellington, Prescott, Ontario

For Money & Country: Speculation, Profiteering & the Rideau Canal was a project focused on the planning and building of the Rideau Canal. It is a story of land, speculation and profiteering, what the Crown could take, what industry could make and what settlers and workers could endure.

This was the project that got us really started on public engagement in history and launched an interest and series entitled – For Money & Country. But at its root, this was really a much needed project that would be interesting and get us out of the house with Covid-19…and the rest is…history.

We loved this project so much that we even made it into a proper book! And you can grab a copy below!

Rideau Canal Locks, Downtown Ottawa

My very first personal project, as we began researching the Age of Sail in the Atlantic, was an examination of flint I had found on a local beach. My background is in stone tool technology/geoarchaeology, so I could not help myself when I saw this stone material! 

If you’d like to learn more about this subject read my blogs and watch our videos on the topic. But also grab the book listed here. Mr. Burström’s investigation into ballast is the most complete research I have found on the subject to date.

Ballast: What the flint is that?

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