Presenter. Producer.

Lauren is all about connecting people with history – passionately presenting the histories we explore! She is particularly interested in exploring how the past has impacted the present, and what similarities exist between historical events, people, places – and today.

Lauren’s background in a museum environment and a masters in anthropological archaeology, have combined to shape her love for connecting people with history.

And while Lauren is continuing to push new boundaries with her writing and historical knowledge, she is very focused on learning more about the development of public engagement initiatives, particularly when it comes to sites or histories that might be lost.


Director. Producer.

Alex is mainly concentrated on the direction and production of our projects. Most of his energy is focused on work behind the scenes – researching, writing, directing, filming, creating graphics and editing. But he will appear on screen from time-to-time.

Growing up in a creative household, Alex’s artistic pursuits have mixed with his professional background, including over a decade in the military and a masters in political history.

Alex is passionate about visually exploring connections between events, people and places in history. And is continuing to investigate these relationships in creative and innovative ways, from the research to the final video edit.

Sometimes life can be funny. Going from graduate school and government jobs to making history documentaries and living on a sailboat. In less than a year.

But how did we come to this crossroad?

When we met, we were just about to start our graduate studies, Alex’s in political history and mine (Lauren) in anthropological archaeology. Destined for a trajectory that many can relate to. Study. Work. Repeat.

But this direction was interrupted by a series of completely unexpected and unrelated life events, that left us considering our next adventure.

Meanwhile, in our spare time, we began researching the history of a megalithic monument to the past in our own backyard – the Rideau Canal. 

So, we set out for a summer of exploring this history through a camera lens, developing our own style of public history – producing a hybrid history photobook and short-doc along the way.

So, you could say we were hooked. We had to see where this could take us!

And with childhoods spent on the ocean, we were craving a return to salt stirred air…So, we packed our bags and moved to the Maritimes, getting ourselves a seaworthy sailboat along the way…

We were determined to learn how to sail, a dream that had been on the backburner, and to tell history – where it really happened!

Which is how we found ourselves, floating on Bras d’Or Lake, in the middle of Cape Breton, living on our 33ft sailboat named – Blue Lobster.

Looking back, we wonder – was it a crossroad at all?

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