Vacation Plantation

A Feature-Length Documentary

The United States has been a nation based on slavery, longer than one of freedom.

But many Americans continue to fight for freedom and equity – because of the colour of their skin. Black Americans feel the echoes of this history of slavery through violence, disproportionate incarceration, redlining, the wealth gap, environmental racism, and more.

And it is on historic American plantations where this past and present collide. Here, where cotton, sugar, and rice were once cultivated through the forced labour of millions of Africans, they now grow and export a new crop – tourism.

So, why do we continue to vacation at them? 

For this feature-length documentary, we’ve travelled across the United States investigating the uses and misuses of historic plantation sites. Through this journey, coming to understand what led to these sites of trauma becoming sites of tourism and how the misuse of these sites and erasure of their history contributes to the social injustices Black Americans face today.

 We have spoken to change-makers at the intersection of American history and modern social change to better understand how historical denial affects marginalized communities and what can be done to right these wrongs.

…with the hope of moving into the future in a more historically honest and equitable way…