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We’re Lauren & Alex! And we produce a web series that floats along our most strategic waterways, exploring histories with a Canadian twist. From the depths of the Fortress of Louisbourg’s icy harbour to the meandering, shipwrecked coves of the Thousand Islands, we sink into Canadian stories that drift past people and places that may surprise you, shining a beacon on our Canadian identity through the unique tales found along the oceans, inland seas, lakes, rivers, and streams across this country and around the globe! This voyage helping us understand who we are today and who we will become.

So, let’s get our feet wet, and splash into these exciting tales just waiting to be explored.


And, in case you were wondering, this isn’t all we do! When we’re not filming bite-sized histories on the water, we’re busy working on our very first feature-length documentary project where we investigate the enduring legacies of our most painful histories.

Lauren Cudmore

Writer. Presenter.

I am all about connecting people with history! And I am particularly interested in understanding how the past impacts the present, and what similarities exist between historical events, people, places – and today.

I have a Master of Arts in anthropological archaeology and have worked my entire professional career within a national museum in a research and analysis capacity. 

Through my experience within a museum environment and our videos focused on history – and maybe my childhood knack for performing – my passion for public engagement in history has only grown. 


Alex Bezeau

Writer. Director.

I am all about the art of the story! From writing a tall tale, to going to any lengths to get the perfect shot, to the final edits of a film – I want to take people on an adventure through time. Creating meaningful connections between the stories that have shaped my understanding of the world and the people living within it.

I have a Master of Arts in political science and spent my professional life in the military, which has influenced my passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and of course, history.

Through these experiences, as well as travelling across Canada with my father, filming documentaries focused on Canadian residential schools (e.g., The Fallen Feather: Indian Industrial Residential Schools and Canadian Confederation, Dr. Mary Thomas: The Mount Ida Project, etc.), my love of bringing important stories to the screen has only grown – leading to the creation of Blue Lobster Tales.

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